Own a Piece of the Turf Field

Here is your chance to own a piece of Sooke history. Show your support for the new Sooke Turf Field by purchasing one or more square foot units. Purchase from 1 to 100 square feet below. For a custom order please use the form on the right.


Score one from the Heart!

Donation Cheques can be written to Fred Milne Field Committee and sent to PO Box 766, Sooke BC  V9Z 1H7

1 Square Foot

Buy 1 square foot for just $10! 

5 Square Feet

Walk softly on your own turf for $50

10 Square Feet

No more tiptoeing. $100

20 Square Feet

Step it up a notch (or 20). $180

50 Square Feet

Now you're kicking it! $450

100 Square Feet

Make it your stomping grounds $900

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